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Ibanez EL4ST22

Elastomer(Soft) 2.2 mm

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Elastomer by DU PONT-TORAY. Large Triangle shape.

Unlike other common material picks, the Ibanez EL pick features Elastomer material, providing a unique tonal character and playing feel due to its excellent impact resilience and strength. Another key feature includes super long-lasting durability. It delivers a round and warm tone, suppressed attack, and silky picking feel. The EL pick perfectly fits guitar players who want to avoid picking noise.

・Bouncing feel even with thicker models

・Warm acoustic tone

・More fingerling nuances

・Less picking noise

・Made in Japan with care and precision
Merk: Ibanez
Model: EL4ST22
Gemaakt in: Japan
Ibanez EL4ST22

Elastomer(Soft) 2.2 mm

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